So who are Zoe & Drew? A pair of tresured teddy bears? A couple of well loved cats?

We are a happily married couple, crazy enough to have had five children and more at home on a beach than anywhere else.

Zoe loves creating and designing since she was taught ot knit and sew by her grandmother many years ago.  This love for creating grew and led her to study Creative Arts at Birmingham University.  With a passion for print and pattern Zoe is a self confessed fabric addict and has recently developed a taste for patterned paper too!  Combining this love of pattern and the seaside Zoe is busy creating and making some fabulous things from their home in rural Suffolk, not quite close enough to the beach to here the sea.

Drew is Zoe's nickname for her very patient husband.  He grew up on the beaches of coastal Suffolk, well not literally and can skim a stone like nobody else! Having quit the rat race three years ago Drew has recently gained a degree in History, specialising in social and economical history of theVictorian era, so knows all about bathing huts and the development of train lines as people started enjoying holidays at the seaside.  This has all led to a keen eye for finding vintage treasures.

So in between beach combing and enjoying a flask of coffee on the beach Zoe & Drew will be creating and finding beautiful and quirky things for your beach house or cottage or for your next trip to the seaside.

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