Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New House = Fabric Shopping

I know I haven't posted for over a week and I am very sorry to all my wonderful readers.  The reason for my abscence is that I have moved house and as if moving isn't stressful enough, it was put back a week and then BT managed to change my phone and broadband connections on the wrong day. Hence the lack of posts and me being unusually quiet on Twitter.

Anyway my new house is starting to look a little more like home and less like a cardboard box storage space, but not quite organised enough for me to work properly just yet.  So I am going to take the rest of the week but promise to be back posting properly next Monday.  In the meantime please enjoy previous posts and if you would like to be a guest writer on my weekly 'Day in the Life' feature please email me

As an appology to my sponsors for the lack of posts during my move I will give you an extra month free.  Also as an appology to my advertising winners I will extend your prize by two weeks and will start the editorials next Monday. 

For now in between unpacking I am busy planning new curtains and cushions etc for our new home, well you wouldn't expect anything less from a fabric addict would you?!

Take care and I look forward to being back with you all on Monday.

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