Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Do Manners Matter?

How many people do you speak to everyday? And how many of those are actually physically there when you chat? Somedays I speak to over fifty people, but only a few are actually there when we speak.  As we all use social media more and more do we take things for granted, do we forget basic manners? 

As a child I was always taught that manners were really important and I now instill this ethic into my own children.  Thankfully this seems to be paying dividends and people comment on how polite my children are, which fills me with pride and glad that the nagging paid off!  But how often do you thank somebody online?

I love the power of Twitter and have made friends with people I would never have met in normal life.  Social media is proving to be a fantistic tool in promoting business, whatever their size but I worry that sometimes because we can't see people we forget those ethics that we value in real life.  A simple thank you when somebody retweets your message, thanking somebody for a #ff or a #ww, helping somebody by retweeting a message when they ask for help.  All of these simple things go a long way and I promise they will be remembered.  I always try to remember when somebody has helped me and repay the favour when I can, I always thank people for rt's, #ff and #ww and I always remember if people have thanked me for a retweet.  Well manners maketh man and a simple thank you will help build a reputable brand business.

Also I want to thank you all for continuing to support this blog, even over the past few weeks when posts have been scant.   So a huge THANK YOU to all my wonderful follwers.

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