Monday, 14 February 2011

Bags for Spring

It's coming, I can feel it's warmer sun, see the daffs poking their heads through the ground, the mornings aren't quite as dark, Spring is on it's way.  Just as nature offers us a burst of colour after bleak winter days I'm starting to think of  brighter colours as we move into the Spring months.  Bags are a staple that can be changed reguarly, whether they are just to carry our purse, keys and phone or as a style statement.  As a fabric addict I love the idea of a bright bold bag for Spring and here are some ideas.

Large Flouncy Bag by Poppy Treffry

I adore Poppy Treffry's designs and was fortunate to meet her at the Country Living Fair back in November.

Joanna Hand Held Tote by Lisa Stickley

Fabric Friday fans will know that I am a big fan of  Lisa Stickley's designs and of course I chose a green bag, it's my favourite colour!

Rose Tote by Emma Burton

Emma's designs are full of colour with hints of vintage designs yet she uses up to date digital printing to create her fabric designs before making a selection of bags, purses and scarves.

Haversack by Susannah Hunter

Huge daisies have to be favourite flowers.

Satchel by Breagha

A splash of yellow, even if tweed does make us think of winter.

Velvet Bag by Clouded Yellow

A pop of colour to brighten those rainy mornings.

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NoodleBubble said...

Nice Selection for Spring...

Happy Valentines too!


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