Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Our Jubilee Roundup

Morning! I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  After watching the Jubilee pageant and the Jubilee concert I felt incredibly proud to be British.  With union jacks flying, bunting streamed around our country I am sure we all felt the same way.  Celebrations have been fun here in our village, starting on Saturday morning with a fun run.  The youngest villagers started the races with lap of the football pitch, then Kitty ran two laps of the pitch in her race for 5-7 year olds.  She wasn't fazed when I realised she had to run two laps, not one, but smiled and carried on running! Next Lucy and Amber ran three laps of the football pitch, however their race got off to a rather fast start which left many of the runners with a stitch by the third lap, yet both girls ran well and had fun.  Connnor and Jack were in the 12-15 year old category, which was running alongside the adults, due to the restrictions on the time we were allowed to close the roads in the village.  After a lap of the football pitch the runners headed off for 5km around the village, whilst Kitty, Lucy and Amber played in the park with their friends.  The wait wasn't too long before the runners started appearing across the playing field and Jack was amongst the first three runners to appear.  But their race wasn't over and they still had another two laps of the football pitch to finish the full 5km! Jack kept his third place, finishing first for his age group and third overall.  Connor wasn't far behind and finished in the Top 10 of his age group and Top 20 overall.  I was incredibly proud of all my children and they all came away with tired legs and special Jubilee wristbands to be tresured for years to come.

Jubilee cupcakes made by Drew

Sunday was a quieter day here, so we took some time to catch up on some jobs and watch the Jubilee pageant.  I know many of you headed to the Embankment to wave your flags and cheer on this amazing flotilla along the Thames.  What an occasion to witness, I am sure you will be treasuring such memories forever.

Amber & Kitty at the Jubilee Tea Party

We woke on Monday to grey skies and drizzle, which didn't bode well for the Jubilee Tea Party at the village school later in the afternoon.  However the sun broke through, the clouds turned to white and the party could go ahead outside on the school playground and field. Phew! The girls and I spent the morning making crowns and tiaras for the headwear fancy dress competition, whilst Drew baked cakes fit for any Jubilee celebration.    Finally it was time to head to the party, it had been a long wait for Kitty who was very excited.  There were fun games and the fancy dress parade, followed by plenty of food and special cakes.  Then the village postie and his band played whilst the children played unihoc, football, skipped with hula hoops and blew bubbles.  The party came to an end with a Tug o' War, which we of course joined in.  This was a wonderful party and I hope the girls remember it when they think back to 2012.

Kitty playing at the Jubilee Tea Party

Our evening was spent watching the Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, with mixed opinions on the performer choices, but certainly enjoyed most of it.  The graphics projected onto the palace all night were amazing, the highlight for me being when Madness were singing on the roof.  A good ol' sing song and I was pleased that Connor, Jack & Lucy knew the words to the old songs aswell as the new!

This was a huge celebration and one I will not forget in a very long time.  I am sure we will all remember 2012 for the Jubilee and our own celebrations aswell as the big ceremonies and parties.  Today I am proud to be British.  Let's keep those flags and bunting flying, as we look forward to the olympics and remember why Britain is Great.

How did you celebrate? I hope you had fun however you celebrated.  Be sure to share some photos as I would love to do a round up of Jubilee celebrations, wherever you are in the world.

Enjoy your day,


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Sounds like a lot of fun all round! Memories to treasure.

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