Friday, 22 October 2010

Fabric Friday - Elanbach

It has been a chaotic week and I have been very disorganised which hasn't helped at all. Thank goodness it's half term next week and we can all recharge our batteries.  As promised I have managed Fabric Friday and I'm sure you'll love this company.  Today I will feature Elanbach.

Elanbach is based in Wales at Llangoed Hall with their offices and production based in this fabulous country house hotel.  The hotel itself is a great showcase for Elanbach fabrics in each room.  Set on the banks of the River Wye in Mid Wales with views of the Black Mountains must prove a wonderfully inspiring backdrop.

Elanbach is the creative vision of Sir Bernard Ashley and with his team of designers they have created many fabulous collections. The designers ensure that Elanbach appeals to many style ideas by not sticking to one signature look.  New collections are launched every season but differing from other fabric companies they never discontinue any lines.

Elanbach digitally print their fabric which means they can print in Wales.  Sir Bernard Ashley loves the variable colour palette that digital printing offers, allowing the designers access to a colour palette of over 16 million colours.  Digital printing also means that only the exact amount of ink is used so there is no waste.  Their printing press also minimises waste as it prints instantly unlike the traditional printing process, ensuring no fabric waste aswell.

I think you'll agree Elanbach designs are fabulous and their ethics are in keeping with the trend to be less wasteful and buy British.

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