Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Business Wednesday - New Etsy Team & UK Handmade Website

For 2011 Wednesdays will be all about small business and I hope to cover lots of interesting topics over the next few months. 

British Sellers on Etsy

Whilst many of us were enjoying a restful New Years Bank Holiday Viv of Poppy Sparkles was taking on the social media for a new team on Etsy.  As one of her goals for 2011 to promote British handmade crafts Viv took on the promotion of the  British Sellers on Etsy team and has already set up a Twitter account with a blog to follow very soon.  By joining forces in a marketplace dominated by American sellers these members, already over 500, hope to gain more recognitiion and help each other to promote their Etsy shops.  So if you have an Etsy shop and are a British seller be sure to join the British Sellers on Etsy team.

Like minded in our mission to promote handcrafted designs I am looking forward to Viv sharing some Etsy knowledge in the coming weeks here in my weekly business posts.

Poppy Sparkles

New Website for UK Handmade

Today sees the launch of UK Handmade new website.  The team have been busy over the holidays creating and updating and as a writer for UK Handmade I am very excited about the new look.  Be sure to take a look!


Bristish Sellers on Etsy said...

Thank you very much for mentioning my team in your blog, I started British Sellers on Etsy a month ago today and at this moment we have 564 members. The help that Viv has given has been invaluable and has undoubtedly contributed to the team's success :)
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Brilliant team - go uk handmade sellers :)
And amazing job by Viv on twitter, definately!

Have had so many more views and hearts on my art made from newspaper yarn than I prob could have got without this team!

Just one thing - don't know how I noticed this but one of the labels reads "poppy spakles"!

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