Friday, 28 January 2011

Fabric Friday - Snapdragon

Today is of course Fabric Friday yet I am going to steer away slightly from textile designers this week to share with you the work of Snapdragon.  Yesterday Jane of Snapdragon tweeted that she had just received lots of lovely fabric parcels in the post, kindly donated by various people.  I swiftly responded that I wanted to live in her world as I would love to randomly receive packages filled with fabric, scraps and vintage pieces. But there is a reason that Jane reguarly receives random fabric parcels.  Snapdragon designs use remenants of fabric, often destined to the bin to bring to life Janes sketches that she collects throughout the year. 

The summer months see Jane growing cut flowers and from reading her blog I know her garden looks amazing.  This is when her inspiration is at it's peak surrounded by flowers, bunting, cakes, chickens and seedheads.  Jane then transfers her sketches to fabric, using every last scrap of each piece and adding details with freehand embroidery, making every item unique. 

Having quit her office job in 2000, Jane retrained in horticulture, moved to the Scottish countryside and started Snapdragon.  A dream I am sure many would love to follow, how often do I hear of people wanting to quit the rat race and earn a creative living?  Jane and Snapdragon are proof that the dream is possible, with lots of hard work and dedication.  And just to make that dream even the sweeter Jane works from a fabulous vintage airstream caravan set amongst the flowers in the cutting garden.

I'm sure you will all agree Jane's designs are fabulous and her mirrors and badges make great gifts or favours and I need to buy all of her cards as they would make great pictures on my office wall, brightening even the greyest of days with thoughts of summer.


Snapdragon products are also available throughout the UK at many outlets.

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