Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Handmade Wedding - Stationery

It's that time of year when the church bells ring out on a Saturday afternoon or you see signs attatched to posts at the roadside announcing directions to a couples wedding.  Whilst it is several years since I tied the knot and we didn't have a big pomp & circumstance wedding but it was special to us.  Yet there is something about a wedding that conjures up images of beautiful venues stylishly decorated.  With the current economic situation more people are turning to creative friends and family members to style their own weddings, shifting away from the mass produced asethetic of weddings in the past couple of decades.  But even if you do not have a talented team behind you there are many creative people out there who can help and make your wedding a very personal style choice.

Today I will start with stationery, from Save The Date cards to the Invitations right through to Thank you cards.  Then over the next few days I will feature decorations and favours, dresses and jewellery, cakes and flowers, all from UK designers / makers.


Yvonne Stewart said...

These are all so gorgeous and I love the sound of all the wedding items you are going to feature. My cousin is getting married in 2012 but I know she is thinking about things for it already so I'll point her over here for a look. Lovely to have all the different handmade sitting together like this x

Kristopher K Design said...

Love all these designs - have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers Kris :)

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