Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery is a very personal style choice, not wanting to overpower the dress but wanting it to be special.  A few weeks ago I interviewed the editor, Juliet, of Adorn London for my blog and asked her about trends in bridal jewellery -

Summer is the season for wedding celebrations, do you consider there to be key trends in wedding jewellery this season?

I think Bridal jewellery follows a similar trend year in and year out as tradition plays an important part in Bridal jewellery. We associate pearls for example with Bridal jewels, I think it is an ongoing challenge for a designer to keep the styles relevant even though the materials might stay constant. Those are the designers I am inspired by.

So following Juliets suggestions of pearls I have taken a look at Bridal Jewellery on Folksy, Etsy & Not on the High Street, handpicking UK designers.


                                                       Top Row  Carrie Yeo  Ruby Slipper

                                                   Bottom Row  Porsby   Ali Bali Jewellery

These are just a very small selection


ali bali jewellery said...

Thanks for including my choker!

Deepa said...

lovely feature, thank you!

Porsby said...

Beautiful, thank you!

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