Thursday, 6 May 2010

Adorn London Interview

Whilst most of the UK is gripped with voting and waiting to see who will be our new leader when we wake tomorrow I have been busy interviewing Juliet Hutton-Squire from Adorn London.

 Few of us are lucky enough to have a jewellery stylist to hand or an unlimited budget to buy fashion magazines to stay on top of trends.  Yet as a jewellery designer you need to know which colours are hot, which styles are 'in', never mind which beads or metal is the current trend.  However all of this information is now available at the click of a mouse.  Adorn London is the brain child of Juliet Hutton-Squire and provides you with all the current trends in jewellery.  As editor of Adorn London Juliet researches jewellery trends so that you can spend more time designing and creating.

 Adorn London is a fantastic informative website for the discerning fashionista or somebody who takes an interest in their jewellery as an essential accessory. How do you feel it can help jewellery designers?

- Adorn London has a two fold approach, firstly to inspire the industry providing a summary of trends and style focus for the season. We are already influencing the industry. Someone recently said that she waits for the Adorn weekly newsletter before she sends out information to her own clients! The second is to inspire the consumer. We want to make jewellery accessible to everyone. Jewellery is so diverse and versatile, it can change an outfit and in the current economic climate a costume piece can do just that. On the flip side, investment jewellery has seen an upsurge as people invest in gold and precious metal even though we are in the midst of a recession.

With a background in jewellery design can we expect Adorn London to launch its own range in the future?

Ooh, I would love to bring out a collection twice a year to tie in with the fashion seasons. So yes, that is a dream that I hope to realise one day possibly in collaboration with an established brand as it is a long time since I was on the bench!

What are the key trends for SS10 that are important for jewellery designers?

Stacking – is huge which means for me, wrist wear is key. I think we are more influenced by the catwalk than we may think. We buy clothes that are inspired by the catwalk whether at High Street or designer level. I would like to see jewellery follow the same pattern too. I am excited when I see commercial jewellers collaborate with the catwalk designers – not only does it put jewellery on the map so to speak but as a designer maker it is exciting to think out-of-the box every now and again. I recently interviewed Shaun Leane on Adorn London and we focused on this very point. So I would say don’t take your eyes off the catwalk!

It's imperative to plan ahead as a designer, what can we be expecting to see for AW10?

Jewellery influenced by 18th century Paris . There is an almost decadent, ornate style coming through.

Summer is the season for wedding celebrations, do you consider there to be key trends in wedding jewellery this season?

I think Bridal jewellery follows a similar trend year in and year out as tradition plays an important part in Bridal jewellery. We associate pearls for example with Bridal jewels, I think it is an ongoing challenge for a designer to keep the styles relevant even though the materials might stay constant. Those are the designers I am inspired by.

So if you would like Juliet to be your jewellery trend fairy godmother you can sign up for weekly updates via email from the Adorn London website, one of my favourite features is the Style Stalker.

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