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Fabric Friday - Kristopher K Design

Yeah it's last I hear you sigh!  It has seemed like a long, tiring week as we come to the end of half term here and I know I am looking forward to a week at home with no school runs.  Anyway it's Friday so that means it is....cue fanfare...... Fabric Friday!  This week I have focused on designing your own fabrics, looking at Spoonflower and The Fabric Press,so todays Fabric Friday will feature a successful Spoonflower designer, Kristopher K Design

I have often said blogs are like leads to another!  I came across Kris's blog earlier this year whilst looking at anothers blogroll and now reguarly read about the latest goings on with Kristopher K Design.  The designs are gorgeous and I know are selling well with Spoonflower, but I wanted to know a bit more about designing your own fabrics and working with Spoonflower, so I asked Kris to be interviewed for todays feature offering some insight into this.

 It is always easy to assume that a designer set out on a path for a design career but as I discovered recently Heather Bailey planned to study medicine but changed her mind during Pre Med studies. Did you always want to be a designer or was there an alternative path?
The simple answer to this question is yes, I have always wanted to be a designer! I am fortunate to come from a creative family, (that’s been actively involved in various disciplines of Art in Australia, for generations.) From my earliest memories, I have loved Art, Colour, and Design so the main question for me growing up was not: Do I want to be a designer … but rather … what do I want to design ;)

When did you join Spoonflower and how did you learn about this great concept of having your designs printed without high minimum order quantities?

I joined up with Spoonflower, as soon as I discovered them, a little over a year ago.

When I was a young child, our family went on a holiday to England. During this time (in the 1970’s) the design aesthetic at home included clean bold colours in Green, Green and more Green :) chrome and glass tables, sea grass wallpapers, wood veneers etc - following this holiday to England, and in particular my visit to “Liberty” in Great Marlborough Street London, my love affair with English Country Design, pretty floral patterns and printed textiles was born.

I produced my first hand printed fabrics in Sydney, in the 1980’s after completing a Screen Printing course at Seaforth TAFE, but I’ve been looking for ways to commercially print fabrics ever since … Enter Spoonflower … and the answer to my wish for affordable, custom printed textiles, in an infinite palette of colours, on lovely natural and organic base fabrics.

How many collections do you currently have available with Spoonflower and how often do you produce a new collection?

I have several collections at Spoonflower, in dreamy, nature inspired palettes, as well as many stand-alone designs, suitable for Apparel, Homeware or Interior Design applications.

I produce new “designs” every day … my studio is full of these design thoughts, jotted down as sketches and scribbles … I love the organic nature of design, and the freedom of working from my own studio, as more often than not, it’s 2am when I find “The Zone” - The moment when seemingly unrelated tangents, ideas, scribbles and colours come together in a perfect fit.

Are you a doodler with a pad of paper constantly near by or do you have a specific time to work on designs?
I’m sure you can guess, from my last answer, I’m definitely a doodler, with an organic approach to design.
I don’t have an A – Z list of requirements when it comes to designing: I would describe my design approach as a series of words like: Escape, Relaxed, Inspired, Calm, Dreamy, Quiet … etc … emotions, I hope to mirror in the style of my prints.

Your designs are also available through Zazzle as shoes, are there plans for other fashion collections?

Yes I am always looking for creative ways to grow as a designer and currently there are some exciting developments on the horizon.

Watch this space!

When designers block sets in, where or how do you find new inspiration?

I find inspiration literally everywhere:  I love nature and nature inspired colour palettes, and I adore French Provincial and English Country Interiors: but my signature Interior Design Style juxtaposes these casual, relaxed styles together with clean and classic elements from modern architecture and design.

I am inspired by the world around me, from a simple feather, flower or leaf; to a movie; a song; a book; or a painting … Design for me is about discovering and recording beauty.

I know you have just allowed your designs to be available for people like me to sew items for sale, which is fantastic. Was this a difficult decision or natural progression for Kristopher K Design?

This was a natural progression: and an easy decision to make. I am so humbled, by the incredible support that my designs have received, since first appearing in the Spoonflower Marketplace.

I would like to thank everyone who supports independent designers: It really is such a buzz, to see the amazing creations that people are making from my fabric designs.

Thanks so much Kris for taking the time to share your experience of Spoonflower and here's to a successful year with your designs.

Of course I couldn't go without sharing my favourite of Kris's designs......

There are many more and it is very difficult to choose!

To see all of Kristopher K Designs visit Spoonflower.

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