Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Fabric Press - be a fabric designer

Yesterday I featured Spoonflower, an innovative company based in the US allowing you to be a fabric designer.  Today I am going to feature the UK's answer to Spoonflower! Based in Cheltenham, England The Fabric Press offer you the chance to have your designs turned in to a digitally printed fabric or even a bag, a tea towel or a cushion.  The Fabric Press has been developed by the business partners behind Rosablue, who already offer made to order home accessories. At The Fabric Press they have deveolped the idea of allowing other creative folk to design fabric, as an extension of the service offered by Rosablue. You can choose from 5 fabric weights to have your designs printed onto and can order a minimum of 50cm or a maximum of 3 metres at a cost of £36 per metre.  There is also a pattern clinic available to help with your designing before submitting for print, helping you with pattern repeats and difficult images.  Whilst the Spoonflower community is bigger and allows more options for printing I love the concept of The Fabric Press, as an innovative, small British business allowing more people to design fabric.

For all my Fabric Friday followers I have interviewed the designer behind Kristopher K Design for tomorrows feature, gaining an insight into being a textile designer.


gooseberrymoon said...

Thanks for sharing I off to have a peek now.

Jo Clarke said...

Great! I use spoonflower but will be great to have a UK alternative

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