Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Craft Blog UK

Craft Blog UK is the official blogroll for UK Handmade and has links to many craft related blogs. This blog has many tutuorials (blogging tips) to help improve your blog and help you network to gain more followers and hopefully more customers for your craft/design business.  In the last couple of weeks a forum has been added to the blogs bow with it's creator, Haptree, offering to give a blog critique.  This has been very beneficial to as I looked to tidy up my blog and Haptree's constructive criticism and ideas have helped immensly in this task.  I have also used some of the blogging tips and feel I have acheived something in the world of html that I have little experience of.  Whilst my blog looks tidier I still need to try a couple of Haptree's ideas, firstly to have links opening in a new window when I am featuring items from other websites and secondly a 'Cocktail Hour' every couple of this space!

So if you are wondering how to add static pages under your header or want some ideas to tidy up your blog and help promote your business head over to Craft Blog UK and read the blogging tips or visit the forum to get your own personal blog critique.  And I would like to add a huge THANK YOU to Haptree for her fantastic critique of my blog and for creating Craft Blog UK.


mythreebeez said...

what an interesting article I shall have to look into that.As a newcomer it will help me to understand more about blogging.
I am now following you!!

haptree said...

Thank you :) *blush*

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