Friday, 21 May 2010

Fabric Friday- Clothkits

There has been a little reminiscing in our house over the past couple of days as our eldest son turned twelve yesterday and our daughters had found some old photo albums tucked away on a shelf.  Lots of cute toddlers and toothless grins!  All of this got me to thinking of my own childhood and have a strong memory of this fab short dungaree set made from navy nylon with a large red apple on the bib!  Being born in the mid seventies nylon and cheesecloth were standard features in my wardrobe. 

During the seventies there was a new company launched that offered their customers an easy option for sewing some new clothes. Clothkits was an inspirational company for women who were trying to have a career and still make clothes for themselves and their children.  In 1968 Anne Kennady created the Clothkits concept from her kitchen table, where so many businesses are born.  By the late 1980's Clothkits was a huge success and employed over 400 people but when Freemans brought the company these fab kits disappered and the Clothkits label remained dormant. 

Two years ago Kay Mawer relaunched Clothkits with a fresh new collection of great cut out and sew kits. The company ethos remains that beautiful items can be created without the need of a paper pattern. These kits are perfect for even the novice sewer as you cut around the dotted lines printed on to the fabric and then clear instructions enable you to create a new item of clothing very easily.  And whats more most of the kits come complete with thread and all the haberdashery needed to complete the project.  Yet Kay understands that not everybody has time to complete a Clothkits project so has also introduced Clothkits Couture, enabling you to order your item already made up.

The majority of the fabric is hand screen printed in the UK and Clothkits also have a team of digital printers allowing you to custom design an order.  There is a great choice of kits to choose from aswell as a small variety of fabrics sold by the metre and habadashery items, all available from the Clothkits website.

As you can see the finished article form a Clothkits kit is fantastc!

**For all my fellow fabric addicts I am having a fabric focus next week, looking at having your own designs printed, with a post about Spoonflower, another post about the UK version of Spoonflower. Next weeks Fabric Friday will feature an interview with the designer behind Kristopher K Designs, whose gorgeous desigs aravailable through Spoonflower.**

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