Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I posted yesterday briefly mentioning Dreamaid and it being featured in a show for BBC2 last night.  Unfortunately I have as yet to watch the show, yet hope to be given an hour at some point to catch up!  Dreamaid is the brainchild of international businessman, Peter McAteer and through this charity he hopes to help artists and makers all over the world, allowing developing countries artisans the chance of a fair wage for their work.  Initially Dreamaid is similar to Etsy, Folksy, Made It and the like, with sellers having a shop to list their items but something else is apparent, Dreamaid has a heart.  The philosophy is fairly simple, by creating a global marketplace to help artists in poorer areas and allowing them a better way of life.  But Dreamaid is also a global marketplace for artists and makers in the developed countries, allowing them a broader audience but also to assist in Dreamaids vision, as every sale has a commission that is donated to the charity.  This really is 'Art with Soul' as the motto says.  I will be joining Dreamaid myself and want to wish Peter and his team every success for the future.

Here is  a tiny sample of UK sellers on Dreamaid.

Sorry there isn't just art & photography!

So have you joined Dreamaid yet?


Susiej said...

Great blog and promotion for Dreamaid ! Love your choices too .

A Country Girl said...

I'm off to have a look at Dreamaid, thanks for the link.
BTW the skirt book you liked is, of course, from Amazon.

Abi said...

great blog! Thanks for featuring my goldfish cufflinks too.

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