Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I'm Back!!

After falling down a rabbit hole a few months ago into the world of weddings I have just finished a little potion that said 'Drink Me' and am returning here to my little ol' blog.  I have been spending a lot of time thinking the past couple of weeks and now feel like I've come home as I sit here and type this post.  I guess sometimes we have to try ideas to realise they are not for us, although I may just pop in the occassional party inspiration post,as this was my favourite part of writing Inspired Celebration!

So, a new chapter and a fresh new look.  Zoe and Drew will still be about sharing fantastic finds from designer makers and little shops but also about my favourite place, well apart from home, the beach.  Whenever I need to think I head to the beach.  Just sitting on the beach in the sunshine, watching the kite surfers or the tide splash the shingle or on colder days walking briskly and feeling the salty air sting my face, this is where I can clear my head.

This new chapter also sees me working with my husband, Andy, affectionately called Drew ever since I can remember.  Having grown up in coastal Suffolk he also has a love of being on the beach and everything seaside related. He even wrote an essay for his recent degree in History about the impact of the railway being built on Victorian Suffolk. 

Whilst we're still at the idea and planning stage we think together we can start a creative and vintage business that will allow us to indulge our love of the seaside. So watch this space and I hope I'll be sharing some ideas and products very soon!


Viv {Poppy Sparkles} said...

Welcome home! So pleased you've found your way back. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new ideas unfold Viv x

Isa Maria said...

Yay to new beginnings. It feels so right for you to be back here. I'm so excited to see your lovely finds and your collaboration with your husband. Good Luck x

the crafty chicken said...

wow i do envy you living near the sea and working with your hubby to create a business they are 2 things id love to be doing too.
I wish you success

Gill (sevenofwands)

Inspired Decoration said...

Thank you ladies so much for your lovely comments.

Isa you are right, it does feel so right being back here!

Huge thank you to Isa & Viv for all your support, you are both amazing friends.

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