Friday, 29 July 2011

Fabric Friday - Boden

I have been sidetracked a couple of times this week by one of my favourite distractions, Boden.  Whilst I do not have a budget that allows to indulge my love of Boden to the extreme I would probably allow, I am lucky enough to own several fabulous items from this fantastic British company.  Also at the fear of my bank manager Drew and our children also have a love of Boden clothing.  But why do we love it so? For me it's the patterns and colours.  I think this is also the reason my daughters love Mini Boden.  My sons thinks it's just cool and were thrilled to see the launch of Johnnie B in the past year or so as they headed in to their teenage years.  

I need this coat for my collection!

This week I have been perusing their website to investigate the new Autumn collections and I have not been disappointed.  The past couple of collections seemed to have lost that Boden sparkle for me, maybe the colours had been muted or the patterns not quite so bold.  Yet this week I have been pleasantly surprised.    The colours have been restored and the patterns are as bold as when I first fell in love with Mr Boden's clothes, (as Johnnie Boden is affectionately know in our house).

This skirt belongs in my wardrobe!

I have also been giggling with Drew at the Dancing Dad film, whilst Lucy cringed at the similarities of  her own dancing Dad! The Johnnie B movie was like watching Connor, our eldest, and his mates messing about and the Mini Boden movie made me long for a Volvo Amazon even more.

We need Boden homeware.
Image source - Boden

However I have been feeling there is still something missing from the Boden brand.  Whilst Mr Boden makes us want to wear his fab clothes with fun movies, great colours, bold patterns and quality you will not find in cheap high street stores, I believe he is yet to complete the Boden family.  I appluade him for finally listening to my pleas for shorter trousers, thank you, I can now wear Boden trousers! I thank him for my delicious choice of coats that are waiting for me in my wardrobe this Autumn.  But please Mr Boden just one more thing, we want, no need, a Boden homeware collection. Tthe above picture shows just how fantastic Boden fabrics would be on a sofa or a lampshade. So please, please, please can we have Boden cushions, lampshades, duvets, melamine paltes for the little ones and so much more.

Have a fab weekend and I hope you'll join me in my crusade for a Boden homewares collection!
Take care


Forest Flower said...

Oh yes!!! I lurve Boden (but really don't have the budget for more than the very occasional treat) But oh, just imagine a beautiful Boden duvet cover to snuggle under...

Linnhe Mara said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I have trouble limiting myself to the few items a season that I can stretch my budget to but I'm sure I could make a few more allowances for some homeware ( I wouldn't feel so guilty spending the money since it would benefit the whole family....wouldn't it?)

Inspired Decoration said...

I completly agree, as the whole family would appreciate the Boden homeware then a little extra splurge is allowed!!

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