Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bank Holidays and Birthdays

It's been a busy weekend here as Drew celebrated his birthday last Friday then our younger son, Jack, celebrated his 12th birthday on Saturday.  There has been lots of cake and good food. Oh and we did go swimming and played foorball and frisbee in the park to burn off all that cake! Family time is so important, especially when you're busy working and trying to just stay on top of everything. 

Cake made for Drew by Connor & Lucy

 I took some time out this weekend too after a busy couple of weeks and feel alot better for doing so.  Taking some time to stop helps me think of new ideas, although this can be dangerous, but I am learning to reign them in and only do about 10% of what I think of! I now have lots of ideas for designs and products but am pondering whether to try and streamline in to collections or product lines or to just try a few things out and see how it goes.  I guess the latter is the way to go as a new business but when you've been looking at how other businesses do things you realise how many have fixed collections or product ranges. So much to consider!

I hope you all managed to enjoy a rest and some time away from the office or studio this weekend.  Bank holidays are a strange concept for the self employed.

Have a fab week, last one of the school holidays.

Take care

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