Tuesday, 9 August 2011

We Can Use Our Talents To Help

I had a different post planned for today, but will save it, in light of the awful scenes that fill our TV screens as images of the mindless destruction are shown on many news channels.  I have cehecked with various Twitter friends in London that they are safe and that their shops and businesses have not been destroyed.  But I feel so helpless, sat here in at my desk in Suffolk. I want to go and help clean up the carnage, but I can't. And I know I am not alone reading tweets from friends around the country.

So I had a crazy idea, why not use our talents to help.  The clean up will take months maybe years as people are left homeless and have had their livelihoods taken from them.  My idea is to have a a big raffle or auction of donations from designer makers all over the UK.  I know there is not an official charity to help with the riot clean up and probably never will be as I know how much red tape there is to breakthrough in setting up an official charity. But maybe we could raise money for Shelter or the NSPCC or community charities in London to help them recover and try and rebuild their lives.

Between us we can help.  Our social networks are huge so we can spread the word for a raffle or auction which I am happy to manage on line through Just Giving or a similar website.  Now I just need to workout the finer details. In the meantime if  you would like to donate a prize please send me an email -
zoeanddrew {at} btinternet {dot} com (replace the words in {} with a sign!!) or send me dm on Twitter .  Thank you.

Take care, stay safe and let's pray that is the end of it.


madeinoxford said...

I think anything anyone can do to help will be incredibly welcome. Just to add a couple of things that I know people can do for London straight away.

For those made homeless by the riots, bedding and clothes can go to Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5PQ, which is Haringey's housing support centre.

Also, Age UK could be a good place for donations - there are going to be a lot of elderly people who are too scared to leave their homes, or whose nearest shops have been looted and who might not be able to get to ones further away.

I grew up in London, and although I'm now in Oxford, I've been alternately devastated by the news and given hope by the Riot Clean-up movement this morning. It's so hard feeling powerless.

CatchaDragonfly said...

Sounds like a great idea Zoe!!! ♥

Inspired Decoration said...

Made In Oxford - Thank you for sharing the addresses for urgent help that is required. I am also amazed at the work of the Riot Clean Up team, already so many people helping.

Catch A Dragonfly - Thank you Julia xx

Jean-Mary said...

Fantastic idea! I have been wanting to help in some way! I too am stuck in Suffolk!
Collating a list of charities would be a good start! I would also be happy to donate something!

Inspired Decoration said...

Thank you Jean-Mary that's fantastic. I'll keep you updated.

sierralima said...

i will be making something for your raffle x

Moobaacluck said...

I'll send you something Zoe - just let me know when and where X Gabs

milly and pip said...

Count me in too x

Storeyshop said...

...and me! x

Inspired Decoration said...

Thank you everyone, this support is amazing.

Alexia said...

I'm in!

Alexia claire

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