Monday, 8 August 2011

Papercutting - Trying a new skill

I am a huge fan of Rob Ryan and dream of one day owning his 'Can We? Shall We?' papercut.  I also love the work of Kyleigh's Papercuts and Mr Yen, Cutture and Storeyshop, but had as yet never tried my hand at papercutting.  That was until this weekend!

'Can we? Shall we?' by Rob Ryan

I know it's sensible to start a new craft or skill with the guidance of a book or to do a course, but I was feeling brave on Saturday and decided to try out an idea that had been swimming around in my head for a few days.  I decided that I wanted to try a papercut style idea on patterned paper.  Usually papercuts are on plain paper or card.  With thoughts of seaside images lodged firmly in my brain whilst designing new things for Zoe & Drew I thought I'd try a crab on spotty orange paper! And here he is -

I also had a try at some lettering and what else to cut out but 'BEACH'!

So now I have taken my paper obsession to a new level as I am busy sketching out ideas to papercut. Armed with my craft knife, which is pants by the way so recommendations are welcome for a replacement, I am looking forward to trying to turn my ideas into papercuts.  Most importantly it is fantastic to just be trying something different. So what are you dying to try? Why not just give it a go!

Take care


Jane said...

Last summer we visited Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran and they have the most amazing old (C19th I think) papercuts there done by a ship's surgeon - it made me appreciate what an old craft it is.
Well done on mastering a new craft;
J x

Inspired Decoration said...

Wow that must have been amazing to see. I think of papercutting as a new craft, hadn't realised it dated back so far. I'll have to research the history of it now, I love to know where crafts came from or when they started!

Linnhe Mara said...

If it was done by the ships surgeon perhaps it is a scalpel you need rather than a craft knife.

Good luck with the rest of your papercutting designs.

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