Friday, 28 October 2011

Fabric Friday - Ness

Plaid, tweed, tartan seem to be everywhere this Autumn and I have to admit I do love these in bright, bold colours.  Earlier this year I discovered a Scottish company who are not afraid of colour in their tartan and plaid designs.  Ness have been creating stylish clothes and accessories since 1996 and are determined to keep their Scottish heritage by using tartan in their designs yet with a modern twist.

Whilst tartan is often associated with heather, tins of shortbread and walking in the Highlands of Scotland Ness are reinterpreting the traditional checks to make them a stylish and contemporary fashion statement.  Colour has been seen on the catwalks this year and Ness certainly do not shy away from mixing bold colours in their checks.  In their contemporary style they offer fab clothes, especially coats, and we all know how much I luuuurrrrrve coats! But something else that has caught my eye in a recent email from Ness is the Henriette shoes, beautiful high heeled mary janes in their bright bold tweeds.  I tend to opt for flats but would love to see a pair of these land in my christmas stocking (please Santa I've been very good!). 

The Ness flagship store is rightly situated on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  They have a further five stores, only one of which is south of the border, in York and also have over 500 stockists throughout the UK and internationaly.  Sadly there are none in Suffolk but looking at their stockist map I can get a fix in Cambridge or Norfolk!! Although I am pleased to say they have a gorgeous mail order catologue which I am always excited to see land on the doormat. 

So are you a fan of tweed, plaid or tartan?  How about these designs in bold colours, love or loathe? Now I only hope they start doing sofas or chairs, imagine one in your studio or office to sit and relax in when you're mulling over your next designs or projects with a nice cup of tea.

Have a fabulous weekend


PrettyBeautifulDesigns said...

I really love the idea of tartan sofas,I think they'd be so homely. Also the purses are very cute!!

Jeany said...

Oh wow, I am in love with that coat! Do I dare look at the damage it would cause!!??

Zoe Grant said...

Jeany, maybe squint when looking at the price of that coat!! It won't seem so bad ;)

Pretty Beautiful Designs, I dream of having an old fashioned library one day (when I win I the lottery to have a house big enough) and have a beautiful tartan sofa!

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