Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review - The Liberty Book Of Home Sewing

Morning! I hope you're all warm and well this chilly Wednesday. Autumn has defiantely arrived here in the UK and I even heard mention of snow in the Scotiish Highlands on the weather foracast this morning.  Although I actually welcome the cooler days and darker evenings as it means I can spend some time crafting, making and sewing.  So I was thrilled to be sent a copy of The Liberty Book of Home Sewing to review as I hoped to find lots of new projects for the winter and beyond.

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing as you would expect contains plenty of images with projects made in their fabulous fabrics, even the cover features two of their designs.  For anyone who loves fabric you would automatically pull this book from the bookshops shelf as the pretty spine is very enticing!  But is it just a book full of pretty things to make in Liberty prints or are there useful and fun projects aswell?  After several sewing books being published over the past couple of years I wondered if there was room for a new title or would it be another book just recreating the projects seen before. 

The book is divided into four sections, Essentials, Organisation, Luxury and Sewing Basics.  The first section, Essentials offers projects to make, basic cushions, curtains, an apron and a shopping bag among others, which are essential to everyday life but also an essential ingredient in a book about home sewing. 

The second section, Organisation has a fantastic project to make fabric book covers, which I plan to make for notebooks this Christmas and the keepsake board looks very pretty with Liberty print bias binding.  The third section, Luxury, is full of gorgeous projects, including a rather delectable Rose cushion that I am attempting.  There are also projects in this section for quilts and lampshades, a kimono and a corsage, which are definately not just recreating projects seen in other sewing books.


The fourth and final section, Sewing Basics, is essential to any sewing book.  This allows even the most novice seamstress to access the projects as this section of the book explains the various sewing terms and offers advice in choosing fabric, haberdashery and equipment.

Therefore do we need this book when we already own ample sewing books? Yes we do, the projects are fabulous even if some are a variation on a theme. The instructions are clear and concise with handdrawn images for most steps to show us how to do something.  Whether you are new to sewing or have years of experience this book caters for everyone.  Also who wouldn't want a sewing book filled with projects made in Liberty print fabric?

How many of you have this book on your Christmas list?

Take care

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