Tuesday, 4 October 2011


In all the chaos of Riot Raffle ending I wanted to take a few minutes out and reflect on September.  A month of new beginnings and change for many as a new school year starts.  It certainly was a month of new beginnings in our house!  I have just about got used to Kitty being at school full time, although still have days when I wish she was here instead of there.  My older chidlren seem to have settled into the new school year quickly, although already feeling the strain of homework.  Connor started CCF, Jack has a part in 'Guys & Dolls', Lucy's teacher is amazed at how much her drawing has improved over the Summer, Amber is preparing for her Piano Prep Test and Kitty is learning to read.  Nevermind the results on the Rugby pitch and the bruises to show for it!  I am incredibly proud of all my children who are all incredibly talented in many ways. 

Jack, Lucy, Amber, Connor and Kitty at the front pulling a funny face!

As for me September has been incredibly busy!  I started as Blog Editor for Les Enfants Parties at the beginning of September which has been lots of fun and has created lots of  guest writing opportunities already for some major blogs.  I am also thrilled to say through this I now have a second client starting this week, for whom I will also be a Blog Editor.  I never imagined this is where I would be now but I am absolutley thrilled.  You all know how much I love writing, blogging, creating inspiration boards so this is like my most perfect job. 

My lovely new cushions I made after raiding my fabric stash!

I have also made some new cushion covers for the lounge.  Yet I still have to make new curtains but I can't decide on the fabric! I also need to make some new cushions for the dining chairs and I have decided all the glossing in the lounge and hall must be finished before 1st December.  We have plans to tidy up the hall too, sort out proper storgage under the stairs, fit a wooden floor and use stripy runners as a carpet on the stairs.  So not much really, there's still a couple of months!!

So now it's October, thoughts turn to cooler days, Kitty's birthday, Halloween.  I love Autumn as it means I can start wearing my fabulous coat collection again and those of you that know me know I have a few!  I hope September was kind to you and thank you for your support when I was feeling a bit lost, I really appreciate it.

Take care

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