Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Bookclub - Spooky Tales for Little Ones

Morning! Half term is almost over and the laziness of Sunday is here again, although we didn't get that extra hour in bed as the clocks went back. Did you? I'm sure we'll gain the extra hour this evening instead! 

Tomorrow is Halloween and I know it's not something we celebrate here in the UK but I thought for my first Sunday Bookclub post I would share some of my childrens favourite spooky tales that even little ones will love.
The Funnybones series of books, by Janet & Allan Ahlberg, are a huge favourite in our house.  Whilst they have that air of spookiness as the skeletons creep around at night in their 'dark, dark house' and around the 'dark, dark town' the pictures and text make for some funny adventures and laugh out loud fun!

Winne The Witch by Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul are great stories for slightly older children, probably the 5-8 age range, although Kitty loved these from the age of about 3 and a half.  The wild and wacky ideas and adventures of Winnie and her long suffering cat, Wilbur, make for great reading.

I remember Meg & Mog from my own childhood so they must be of some antique value by now! But the stories are still fantastic now and the colours and simple pictures are perfect for little ones.  Perhaps this is where the inspiration for Winne The Witch came from as we are left feeling a little sorry for Mog and Wilbur as their eccentric owners continue to pursue weird and wacky ideas.

I know there are many other stories that are a little spooky but not too spooky for little ones but these are our favorite three.  I would love to know what your top three are, maybe leave a comment here or over on our Facebook page.

I hope you all have a restful Sunday,
Take care

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