Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas

Well Halloween is finally over, for me it has seemed like it was going on forever as I wrote some articles back in September! The clocks have gone back, November has arrived and now I know it's getting closer to christmas.  I've been waiting for today as the first of November really is for me the start of the build up for the festive season.  At last I can bake the Christmas cake, relax with several homes magazines planning our decorations, bake mince pies and plan presents. 

I really want to spend some time making gifts for my daughters this year, I know how much Kitty would love the reindeer in Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle.  There is a very cute fabric mouse to make in a Christmas magazine that all of my daughters would want. Sadly I don't think there is much I could make for the boys, although funky phone cases maybe appreciated!  I am planning on sitting down and having a good look through some of my craft books for ideas to make this year.  Are you planning on making presents this year? Aswell as saving money I think handmade gifts can be treasured for years to come.  I still remember the little grey felt mouse my grandmother made for me that lived in a matchbox.  This idea is now readily available from Cottontails Baby and Sisters Guild.

Baking and cooking are a huge part of our life so there will lots of delicious smells from our kitchen over the coming weeks.  Drew and I will be sharing ideas for Christmas baking, parties and meals every Saturday in our new Christmas Kitchen posts here on the blog!  We've already had a request for vegetarian ideas and I am sure you will all share your ideas and requests here and on twitter.

For now I'm off to test a mince pie that I just had to make, well it is November and check how mcuh paint we have left. Yes we still have miles of glossing to do!

Take care

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