Friday, 4 November 2011

Book Review - Craft by Kirstie Allsopp

Morning! Friday has arrived again and I know I haven't got everything done that I had hoped to do and I am sure I'm not the only one! Nevermind there's always next week.  I know today should be a Fabric Friday post but my postman has been busy the past week delivering things for review and I thought you wouldn't mind if just for today I snuck in a book review, especially as it's crafting champion Kirstie Allsopp's new book 'Craft'.  I actually feel very honoured to being able to have this book for review because Kirstie is a bit of heroine for me.  Jack, my 12 year old, actually thinks secretly Kirstie is my sister as he says we both love coats and big rings! Just imagine how much fun Kirstie would be as a sister. 

Anyway back to business.  Kirstie Allsopp has been appearing on our screens again, as British craft ambassador, just in time for chilly autumnal evenings in front of the fire. I know from reading peoples tweets there is a mixed opinion about the new show, but I do know that I love sitting down on a Sunday afternoon with my daughters and having a Kirstie craft fix.  One of the best parts of her new show is that there has been a book published to accompany it, sharing lots of projects and much more besides.  The book is split in to seven chapters, Needlecrafts, Textile Crafts, Paper Crafts, Food Crafts, Garden Crafts, Flower Crafts and Gift Crafts.  Each section has at least four projects and all are doable from home and by even the most novice crafter. 'Craft' starts with a lovely introduction from Kirstie where she shares little stories of the past year as she travelled around the UK entering various categories at many county fairs. 

The beginning of each chapter has a little history about the different crafts within the main heading aswell as Kirsties thoughts and memories of these.  Each chapter is then filled with wonderful handmade crafts to try, with good clear instructions and some photos or illustrations to help us check we are doing it right.  There are also other fabulous photos from Kirsties adventure interspersed amongst the projects.  Lucy, my ten year old, spotted the Poppy Treffry designs immediately and I spotted the fabulous work of Kirstie Elson and Phiona Richards.  There is a good selection of projects throughout the book, including a couple of foodie things from the Christmas show Kirstie hosted with Phil last year.  Personally I want to try making paper again, having not done it since at Uni and I also love the selection of papercraft projects and will defiantely be trying to make a paper bird scuplture, as seen on episode two of the show.  I also really want to try and make my own perfume, hoping for a better fragrance than that of my childhood attempts as we squished rose petals in water!

I am sure many of you have 'Craft' on your Christmas lists and I know you will not be disppointed.  There is plenty to keep you busy, allowing you to try new crafts, aswell as being a really good read and with an extensive stockist list for all the projects there really is no excuse not to try everything.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay warm and safe if you are heading off to a fireworks display this weekend.  Don't forget to join us here on Saturday for Christmas Kitchen and on Sunday for our new Book Club post, sharing some of ours and our childrens favourite books.

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