Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Advent Calendars

Good Afternoon! Two posts in the same day, I'm on a roll!! As promised I am back to share some pretty advent calendar ideas with you.  We have a tradition in our own house to make a different kind of advent calendar each year.  Lucy, my ten year old and I have been chatting about what to do this year and have been browsing various Christmas and interiors magazines for inspiration.  Our current favourite is a selection of stocking and little sacks, numbered 1-24, in spotty and stripy red and white fabric, hung on twine.  I will share our final decision and how we made it closer to December.

I have been busy collecting ideas over on Pinterest for advent calendars for various posts for other blogs and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here.  I'm hoping to share some ideas for DIY advent calendars in the next few days aswell, if you fancy starting your own tradition of making your own each year!

Do you make and sell advent calendars? Please leave a link in the comments.  Or maybe you would like to share a tutorial here on the blog? I'm always happy to share fab tutorials so please get in touch.   Also today I have posted some fabulous ideas for a personalised Christmas on Let's Plan A Party. 

Be sure to follow my tweets tomorrow from Country Living Christmas Fair.

See you soon


A Touch of Verse said...

Loving the advent calendars you have chosen so far. Happy hunting for materials.We have a fab santa advent garland, generous pocket size for little treats Check out

House of Pinheiro said...


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