Thursday, 3 November 2011

Autumn Winds and Dry Skin

Autumn has finally decided to make an appearance here in Suffolk and I am sure it's golden hues and chilly winds are sweeping the rest of the UK.  Tonight we will be donning hats, scarves and gloves to head to the school fireworks display.  Sadly for many of us the winter winds can irritate dry skin and I know I suffer terribly with sore hands for several months at this time of year.  Nevermind the problems with frizzy hair from damp days and central heating, but that's a whole other post!!

from Boo Boo

There are lots of fabulous lotions and potions on the market promising to soothe dry skin, soak away our stress or shrink fine lines under our eyes.  I am yet to find a lotion or potion for my poor hands but this week I have been sent something rather delicious to help sooth and pamper.  Boo Boo have a fantastic range of products made especially for Mums and babies and everybody else too.  The company is the brainchild of two ex-magazine editors who had that spark of an idea for starting a business whilst on maternity leave.  Boo Boo products offer 'purely natural pampering' and are all beautifully packaged. 

I am slightly sceptical with beauty products as so many have failed to live up to what the packaging suggests.  However I was pleasantly surprised when I ran a bath using Boo Boo Mummy Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak as an aroma of turkish delight filled the bathroom, I think this is due to the rose geranium oil.  There were a good amount of bubbles, very important test of a good product, although I believe cheaper products with synthetic ingredients tend to be capabale of copious amounts of bubbles.  Thankfully the bubble providing ingredients in this Boo Boo product did not suggest cheap bubble bath!  The turksih delight aroma was not sickly sweet but incredibly relaxing and left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

from Boo Boo

So the verdict is that sometimes products can surprise us and do exactly what the statements on the label tell us they will.  I only wish Boo Boo had been making products when I had been a new mummy as I would have wanted this bath soak everyday as well as I am sure their range for babies.  Be sure to check out Boo Boo's full product range on their website for yourself or your little ones or as a gift for a new mum.  As for me I may just have to try their Velvet Hands Repair Cream this winter, as I might now believe in miracles!

Take care

NB This post is a product review.  Please see my Review page for details about me reviewing your products.

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