Wednesday, 23 November 2011

National Freelancers Day

Morning! Bit of  a chilly start, but at least it's not snowing yet, unlike this time last year.  Today is National Freelancers Day. It makes me think I should be having a nice leisurely day but of course that is not the case for most freelancers today. And to add to the constant juggling act of freelancing I have Kitty at home, feeling a bit tired and poorly with a nasty cold. 

I love the flexibility freelancing allows me but just as a small business owner always looks at making improvements I am always looking at how I can improve what I do and how I do it.  The new year is usually a time for reflection and making plans but I have already decided on four things I need to do next year to improve what I do and how I do it.

Coffee is an essential part of freelancing!
Ceramic Coffee Pot from Caroline McGrath

Firstly I need to book myself on to a fantastic new e-course run by Flourish.  I was so excited when Fiona let me know that she was starting a new branding e-course next Spring as I have desperately wanted to attend her workshops this year but the logistics of physically attending proved too much.  With Fiona as the course leader/mentor I just know this will be an amazing course, she is an amazingly inspiring lady, who I hope with this course will help me narrow down my ideas and finally get on track in 2012.

Oh how I dream of a beautiful workspace!
image source - Decor 8

Secondly I need to get registered on Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way e-course.  I read Holly's blog, Decor 8 everyday and again she is an incredibly inspiring lady.  Having read rave reviews and spoken to some people who have already completed the Blogging Your Way course I know it would be perfect for me and actually a necessity for what I do.
I should probably update my camera too!
Olympus Camera from John Lewis

Thirdly I need to buy Photoshop! Probably have to be Photoshop Elements due to cost but I need this and I must make sure I spend time learning to use it properly and not just buying it and being too afraid to try.

Cushion from Rachel Taylor Designs

Lastly I want to join Rachel Taylor's Surface Pattern e-course.  I long to get back to screen printing and think this course might be just the push I need.  However this will have to wait until later in 2012 as I will be very busy with the other two courses!

So I guess the benefit of National Freelancers Day for me is that I have stopped and thought about what I need to make me a better freelancer, to help me provide an even more professional service for my clients.  Now all I need to do is earn enough money to fund these improvements. Back to it then!!

Have a fab day everyone,

6 comments: said...

Happy Freelancers Day!

We will be fellow 'virtual' pupils for Fiona's e-course and I can't wait either. I've wanted to do one of her courses for months but, like you, childcare logistics made it tricky. So this e-course is perfect.

The Blogging Your Way course is fantastic I can't recommend it enough. Hold back on buying any photo software (if you can) until you've done the e-course - you might be pleasantly surprised with the advice given.

sweetmyrtle said...

Hello : )
Thanks for highlighting National Freelancers day, i am a freelancer too!
I Love all your links; the Flourish course looks excellent and i too am tempted by Rachel & Beths surface pattern course. Always good to re-evalate our skills and the direction we would like to head. i think i may need to improve my accounting/tax skills... tax return is looming :(
hope kitty feels better soon.
see you on twitter
Ginny (sweetmyrtle)

Zoe | A Quick Study said...

Have you tried at all? It's a free online limited (but still powerful) version of Photoshop. Also, if you want to try it out but wait until after your course as the other commenter mentioned, you can check out the "lease" options Photoshop has now, where you pay by the month.

Just wanted to throw out some alternatives to get you started at least :)

Zoe Grant said...

Thanks Jo (Daisyley) and Zoe (A Quick Study) I'll hold off on the software purchase for now. I'm getting to grips iwth Picnik & Picasa and will definately look at the options you mentioned Zoe.

My pleasure Ginny (sweet myrtle) maybe we'll be fellow students in the future! I also need to get orgainsed with my accounts!!

Zoe x

jason @ Gold Work Embroidery said...

Freelancing is great on the holidays and days off, but not so good on the bank balance.

Ask my bank manager!!!! LOL!

Fiona Humberstone said...

Thank you so much for the lovely plug Zoe! I can't wait to have you join us on the branding class.

Blogging Your Way is fabulous - highly recommended. And I will be searching out the surface pattern class too as I've always fancied having a go at that. Have a lovely week.

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