Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Holiday Competitions and Large Families

Good morning, I hope you're all well.  I had planned on posting some pretty advent calender ideas, which I'll try and post later, but needed to have a little rant instead. This morning I saw Great Little Trading Company tweet a competition they are running in conjunction with Ski Famille to win a wonderful family Ski holiday.  So of course I clicked through to take a look but knew that I would be unable to enter before looking. Why? I have five children, of course this competition would be for two adults and two children.

I actually think many holiday competitions are predjudiced against large families.  Is the average family really only two children? Maybe it is but it's not just these competitions that limit family size, many holiday companies offer rooms for small families only.  I know by having more than the average sized family I created logistical problems in the size of car required or holiday accomadation available, but I still get cross that we are not able to enter holiday competitions or have to pay room supplements to have adjoining rooms because the hotel doesn't have a room big enough for us. This actually includes Disneyland Paris, who I thought were the most family friendly holiday company in the world!

Thankfully we still have some options, we can rent a big cottage or house and Centre Parcs offer 4 bedroomed houses that we fit in! Just a shame that so many family holiday companies still do not cater for larger families. 

Anyway rant over, I'll pop back later with the planned prettiness!!

Take care

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The undomesticated scientist said...

Although i don't have a large family (i'm one of the ones with 2) i do think its unfair. they'd only need a few larger rooms and they could cater for everyone. Very silly that you have to pay more to have your kids in a room near yours!!!! would they want their kids on a different floor!

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