Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I have spent some time recently thinking about this blog and felt it needed some more focus and structure.  Therefore I have chosen to write about and/or feature a particular craft or art or design style or practice each week on a Tuesday.  There are so many talented creative people on Etsy, Folksy and many more sites that I am sure this will keep me writing for many weeks.....or years!!

I have decided to focus today on Ceramics.  When I was at primary school we were lucky enough to have a pottery club, thanks to a talented potter being one of the class teachers and the school had its own kiln.  I rememeber bringing home some interesting items for my mum, which have disappeared!  I tried my hand at ceramics again when I was at university, even attempting to use a potters wheel, which again provided 'interesting' results!  After this I decided to stick to Textiles and painting and hung up my potters apron.

Thankfully there are many talented ceramicists for me to showcase -

Just a tiny selection of Folksy potters and ceramicists.

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