Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Twitter for Business

I have to admit I was wary about using Twitter, being a little unsure of the whole social network world.  Yet I realised that if I was going to create a business I would have to take the plunge.  So in April this year I signed up for a Twitter account, having read different forum posts on Folksy and stepped into the 21st century!!

Since those first tweets I have created lists, use Tweetdeck and now have over 700 followers! I no longer feel apprehensive about using Twitter and have made some lovely friends along the way.

I thought I would use todays post to share a few hints and tips that I use when tweeting, incase any of you are uncertain like I was.

  • The # key is used like a tag in a blog post.
  • RT is ReTweet - somebody can RT your tweet to share it with their followers or if you have asked for some information or help people may RT to try & help.
  • I always thank people who RT any of my tweets.
  • By using Tweetdeck I can see when somebody has mentioned me, so I know if anybody has RT'd!
  • Using Tweetdeck I can have seperate columns for different lists of people I follow.
  • Lists are great for organising who you follow, especially if you follow friends and also follow people for business.
  • #FF is Follow Friday. This is like a big shout out of people to follow or a way to say thanks if somebody has been particularly helpful that week.
  • Again I always thank people for #FF's.
  • #WW is Wedding Wednesday, similar to #FF
My goals now with Twitter are using it via my phone and learning about Twitpic, so I can upload photos to my tweets.

I found this great tips list a couple of days ago and have already changed my avatar upon reading it, so you can now see me not just a logo!  This '50 Ideas for Using Twitter for Business' is also worth reading!

Join me on Twitter, I do love to chat!  Oh one last tip, set a time limit for being on Twitter everytime, it is addictive, before long you have lost an hour!


Lizzet said...

Great post! I am fairly new to twitter and I must say that when I signed up for the account I didn't have a clue how it worked... I had to call my 15 year-old sister to give me a crash course!

Twitter is a great business tool, but you are right, I have also meet so many lovely people that otherwise I would had ever met!

Lizzet x :)

Sharon said...

really great post especially for those just getting started :)

Unique Beaded Gems said...

A great post! I am also new to Twitter and get completely lost by it. You have inspired me to give it another go!! Thank you!! Jo x

Suzanne said...

Thanks for this. I keep wondering about joining twitter, and it's good to read your advice and to check out your links. I am scared it will eat into too much of my time, and that I'll get addicted (blogging is already completely addictive it's like "step away from the computer Suze"). Anyway great informative post.

Mermaid said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Lizzet - I already follow you and I wouldn't guess that you weren't sure what you are doing! Don't worry I know nothing about FB, just had a guest writer write next weeks post all about it!

Jo - I hope you get more from it a second time around.

Suzanne - I know exactly how you feel! I do try & limit the time I spend on it, although do get sidetracked!!

Liz, said...

Hi, just thought I would pop in and say hello. You have some gorgeous things on your blog and I didn't want to miss anything so became a follower.

Thanks for following back!

Liz x

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Nice tips. I have Tweetdeck at home but don't use it much I must persevere & I need to get my lists organised. So true about losing time too! x

Happy Spaces said...

great post , really interested in tweetdeck not used that yet - where do you get it ?

Kristopher K said...

Hello twitter friend ... this is a great post ... I would have loved to have known all this info - before - I started tweeting :)

Mermaid said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

You donwload Tweetdeck from

Some people prefer Hootsuite, just a matter of what suits your needs but I think they are all fairly similar.

Another great thing about Twitter is you can chat to people around the world. (Hi Kris)!

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