Thursday, 15 July 2010

Home & Gift Fair

There's a buzz on Twitter and in blogland this week as small creative businesses prepare to head off for Harrogate as it plays host to the Home and Gift Fair.  Here you can take your wares directly to the buyers from major high street outlets and small independant gift and homes stores.

To attend a trade fair is a huge commitment, both financially and in terms of business growth, as you need to be prepared to meet major orders that could be the result of having a stand at a trade fair.  The preparations take months of planning, form filling and creating your stand to make the buyers want to stock your wares.

This week Moobaacluck wrote a great post as she prepares for the Country Living Spring Fair next year.  Here she explains some things to think about even at this early stage in planning and thankfully Penny Lindop, who has exhibited at a Country Living Fair before, is on hand to guide Moobaacluck through the process.

Maybe a trade fair is not in your future business plans or currently just a pipe dream but one thing you can count on, is that fellow designers and crafters are happy to guide you through the process and share their own experiences with you. 

I want to wish anybody heading off to Harrogate this weekend the very best of luck.

(Todays featured designers are either heading off to Harrogate Home & Gift Fair or are preparing for Country Living's Spring Fair 2011)


Suzanne said...

What a lovely, helpful post. I have visited trade fairs but never exhibited, and it's good to know that there is advice out there if I do.
Best of luck to everyone.

dots and spots said...

Thank you Zoe - its exciting and a little bit frightening all at the same time!

Really looking forward to our first trade show at the Home & Gift Show next. I'll let you know how it went after the event.


dots and spots

Penny Lindop said...

Thank you Zoe - what great encouragement! Even though I'm an old timer at the shows, I still forget things, and worry about new designs, and whether any buyers will show up! It's great that fellow designers are so supportive.
Anyone up at Harrogate is welcome to come and say hello - we're in Hall D, Stand 39A. I'd love to meet you.

Mermaid said...

Maybe I could persuade you lovely ladies to do an interview about the fair and preparing for it when you return, of course if you have time with all the orders you are going to receive!

Have fun

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