Thursday, 8 July 2010

Stationery - Rekindling an old love

When I was about ten I would save my pocket money to go and buy these gorgeous coloured pieces of writing paper and envolopes that you could buy singularly from a local bath goods shop.  The papers were gently scented by the aroma in the little shop and all the girls in my class would collect different colours and write little notes to each other on these lovely sheets of paper.  Recently my passion for stationery has been rekindled by looking at stores on Folksy & Etsy that sell beautifully designed stationery, including Gooseberrymoon, one of my advertsing giveaway winners. But more about Gooseberrymoon another day! Today I am going to share some of my new wishlist buys.  So grab your shopping bag and come along.....

Perfect for teachers presents.

Original Notecards!

My Husband would love these!

My son is in a production of Wizard of Oz next week, so very apt!

Printable Stationery pdfs that you can use again & again, how fab!

As you can see there are some great designers out there, maybe one day I'll have enough time to learn to use Photoshop and create my own. In the meantime I'm stocking up on printed papers!!


wellydog said...

I have a passion for stationery, i still have some little pices of note paper I collected when I was a teenager and I love them still, One say I may even use them...well perhaps not

Konnie Kapow! said...

Oh me too! I always buy lovely stationery and then don't use it! Particularly the last sheet in a pack, how can you give that away?!

Thanks very much for featuring my cowboy cards, much obliged lil' lady!

S. Fizer said...


Thanks so much for sharing my Wizard of Oz Mini Letter Writing Set :)

Little Bird Too said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Teacher's Stationery. Lovely post, I love stationery and totally agree with Konnie lovely to buy too good to use :) xxx

Little Bird Too said...

I think I may have over used the words love and lovely in my previous post :) That's how much I LOVE IT !!!! lol!

Mermaid said...

Pleased to haev found some other stationery lovers! I too can't bear to use some of it!

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