Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Ever since I sewed my first stich on a piece of binca I have loved embroidery.  At primary school we were taught sewing as a lesson, can you imagine this being taught now in primary schools? And I really am not that old!!  We were given a piece of binca and were taught different stitches and completed whole rows of these until our rectangle of binca was full of bright, varied stitches, which was then backed with gingham and became our needle roll. 

During the following years I tried a complicated cross stitch sampler but after a while bored of counting stitches and opted for my own designs. In the past year I have found a great calm in embroidery in my hectic life and love sitting and stitching small pictures or toys. 

Of course there is a current trend for freehand machine embroidery that gives fantastic results.  I have a copy of Poppy Treffrys book and hope to have some time in the future to try the projects.

But for now give me a piece of linen, a hoop and a box of floss and I am a very happy bunny!!

I can highy recommend this book, Embroidered Treasures by Claire Garland and am happily working my way through it now!


TopCat76 said...

wow, what glorious work you do! Makes my obsession with blanket stitch look clunky! I'm in mid-30s and did cross stitch sampler at primary school! I think I put the names of all the members of a-ha on it!!
Tracey x

Mermaid said...

Blanket stitch is still one of my faves! These pictures are not my work, but other fabulously talented people.

Also being in my mid 30's I remember A-Ha very well!

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