Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday Matinee - The Pirates, Band of Misfits

Welcome back for some film loving fun.  Last weekend we took the children to the cinema, a rare occasion in our house as the cost for taking five children to the cinema is astronomical.  However this time we swapped clubcard vouchers for cinema tickets and Connor and Jack had already decided what they wanted to see, Avengers, of course.  The girls and I browsed the options for us, we had to have something that they would all enjoy, bearing in mind they are 11,9 and 5 and also the film time had to fit with the boys film.  So our choices were limited, Mirror Mirror, but we feared it would be a little scary for Kitty, Beauty & The Beast, which we have on DVD, or The Pirates, Band of Misfits.  Well of course we chose The Pirates, we had all wanted to see this since it came out!  So was it worth the wait?

The Pirates is a fantastic swashbuckling adventure from the amazing creators at Aardman, briming with adventure, laughs and jolly good fun.  There are jokes aimed at the older audience with lots of silliness for the younger ones too.  Hugh Grant leads his merry band of pirates with the finesse we have come to expect from our loveable English actor.  In a bid to become Pirate of the Year he pledges to raise enough booty to be in with a chance and is soon attacking The Beagle, taking Charles Darwin hostage.  However this comes to an abrupt end when Darwin explains Polly, the captains much loved feathered companion,  is not a parrot but a Dodo.  With promises of riches beyond his wildest dreams the pirates head to London with Darwin.  Great fun ensues as Darwins attempts to trick the pirates are outmanovoured by the pirates cunning retorts.

Yet the adventure is not all plain sailing as Queen Victoria tricks the Pirate Captain, which leads to testing his friendships and again failing to win the Pirate of the Year competition.  But is it all over for the Pirate Captain? Can he save Polly and reunite his crew? Well I won't spoil the end for you!

Have you seen The Pirates yet?  If not be sure when you do watch it you will laugh, fear for Polly's life as well as be rooting for the Pirate Captain.  A good swashbuckling adventure for all ages.

Enjoy your weekend,

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