Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tootsa MacGinty - Colourful and fun childrenswear

Morning! Hope you're all well and having a fab week.  Today I want to share with you clothes that have been made for children to wear, to run around in, splash in puddles in and most importatntly have fun in! Tootsa MacGinty clothes offer a rainbow of colours for boys and girls, infact the majority of their designs are infact unisex. Perfect I here you cry when you've just found out you're expecting a boy and already had a girl! I know I would have loved to be able to keep some of the boys clothes for the girls to wear. Well actually Lucy is known to pinch their jumpers, so it's not all bad!

Anyway, who are Tootsa MacGinty? They are childrenswear design house based in London and the brainchild of designer and mother, Kate Pietrasik.  Having worked in fashion in Australia and France, Kate returned to the UK last year and was quite frankly appalled by the choice of clothes on offer, camoflague for boys and princess pink for girls.  So rather than just sit and moan about the state of childrens fashion in here in ol' Blighty Kate got out her crayons and created a rainbow of a collection that is made for children who know how to have fun!  

Tootsa MacGinty clothes can be found in a number of stores throughout the UK and I am sure parents aswell as their children are loving their designs.  They are not the only one, as Junior Magazine has recently shortlisted Tootsa MacGinty in the 'Emerging Talent/Best New Brand' category in their Design Awards. 

I think this little paragraph on the  Tootsa MacGinty homepage sums up their brand perfectly and assures me that these clothes are made for my children!

"Tootsa MacGinty are clothes for little people who want to step into a rainbow and splosh through the colours, who think rain is a shower of diamonds and that getting wet is fun. They’re for children who make a bee-line for mud and see the magic in bubbles made out of washing-up liquid!" 
Tootsa MacGinty website

Tootsa MacGinty

Do you love the idea of unisex childrenswear?  Are you and your children already fans of Tootsa MacGinty clothes? I would love to know!

Have a fab day

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