Monday, 5 April 2010

Can't see the wood for the trees

It's been a lovely Easter bank holiday here in Suffolk, not as much sunshine as I could possibly have wished for, but better than predicted.  We had a little egg hunt yesterday morning and my three year old is still hiding the clues around the house in hope of more chocolate appearing!  To help burn off some extra sugar fuelled energy we took the children to Rendlesham Forest this morning.  Whilst the forest is mainly evergreen the ferns are starting to regain their colour and buds are appearing on the deciduous trees, we were even lucky enough to spy a young deer.  Hence the inspiration for todays choices, let's see what I find when I simply search 'forest' on Etsy & Folksy.

Available from Lilac Mist

Available from Terror Dome

Available from Hannah Skoonberg

Available from Pop Wall

Available from Chilli Von Chillison


Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

I think we retrieved all our eggs from this year's hunt- I enjoyed looking at your choices- I love forest walks!

Five said...

What a lovely selection of Forest inspired artwork!

Kristopher K Design said...

wonderful collection - love walking (although living near the coast in Australia - it's usually along the beach - lol :)

Mermaid said...

We are fortunate to have the forest & beach within 15 min drive from us. I love to walk in the forest or along the beach, all year really clears my head and stops creative block!!

leapinggazelle said...

What a beautiful collection! I love the dark mossy greens. Thank you so much for including my photo on your lovely blog.

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