Tuesday, 20 April 2010

English Designers /Makers Part 2

As promised yesterday I will be featuring English designers/makers on Etsy.  For those who have not yet discovered Etsy it is a fantastic site based in America on which there is a plethora of handcrafted items alongside supplies and vintage items.  I am fairly new to the wonders of Etsy and currently only have a supplies shop and one ring in my shop, which is pathetic but I am planning my attack with a new project very soon....remaining tight lipped at the moment..sorry!  Anyway back to Etsy....the fees are low and the coverage high, with sellers and buyers all over the world.  Whilst the forums may seem a little daunting there is a huge mountain of knowledge to be gained from some posts. 

So grab your shopping bag...or trolley and off we go!

So who filled their trolley first?!?!

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