Friday, 30 April 2010

Fabric Friday - Heather Ross

No it can't be Friday already, I request somebody presses rewind as I still have so much to do!  Okay, drum roll please...todays Fabric Friday is featuring Heather Ross .  I am a huge fan of Heathers work and am planning on trying some more patterns from her book Weekend Sewing over the next few weeks.

Heather Ross grew up in the countryside in northern Vermont learning to sew and knit before she was six and creating clothes for gnomes and herself and friends from a  young age.  Growing up with creative parents and having the freedom to explore Heathers imagination was allowed to grow and flourish.  After college Heather drew on her love for nature and became a wilderness guide in Sierra Mountains and on the northern California coast which led to her first collection of fabric printed with her imaginative illustrations.  In 1996 she founded the brand Munki Munki with the ethos of producing simply designed clothing in great printed fabrics.  The Munki Munki label was very well received and successful however Heather sold the label in 2004 so that she could concentrate more on designing than the business aspect of having her own brand. 

The following year Heather designed her first textile collection and enjoyed success with Westmister and Kokka of Japan, with other collections following. Then in 2009 Heather published Weekend Sewing offering great patterns and recipes for a modern womans lifestyle.  This book is perfect whether you are a novice or accomplished seamstress offering you great ideas that can be used and worn everyday.  Whilst Heather now lives in New York City her illustrations are still inspired by a fairytale adventure of her childhood in the country. This is evident in her new collection for Kokka, Far Far Away II, with images of Rapunzel and the Owl & the Pussycat, which is available next month.

(Image taken from Heather Ross Website)

I will be adding these gorgeous new fabrics to my wishlist and can think of many projects to use them in, I may even start a long planned quilt.  Aswell as admiring Heathers fabric designs I find it truly aspiring that she followed her passion in designing fabric even though she already had a successful creative brand.

Whilst I count off the days until the launch of the new Far Far Away II collection I am going to look to see how the creative world is using her other collections!

These are just a selection of items made using Heather Ross fabrics.

Feeling inspired you can buy Heather Ross fabric at:

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whimbrella said...

I too am a huge fan of Heather's fabrics. I HOARD them and make them LAST. I'm in awe of Tawnya's quilt and pillowcases. So much fabric! Looks terrific.

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