Friday, 9 April 2010

Fabric Friday - Helen Rawlinson

I can't believe it's Friday already!  My favourite day of the week as it's Fabric Friday. Today I am going to feature a textile designer I have met on UK Handmade, Helen Rawlinson. 

Helen is based at the Chocolate Factory Studios in N16, London, creating fantastic hand printed textiles that can be used for a number of home accessories or for fashion garments.  These hand printed fabrics are the latest addition to Helens collection, introducing them last year. Helen has also produced a range for children offering an educational yet fun printto be used for wall art, cushions or clothes.  In her London studio Helen also makes hand printed and machine stitched lampshades, which are screen printed by hand and then perforated by tiny machine stitches to allow pinprick sized illuminated patterns. 

I love Helen's bold retro prints that never shy away form bright colours.  Helen is a really inspiring designer and every time I read her blog or look at her work I miss my time in the studio at uni, where I would hapily spend hours screen printing. 

Available from Helen's Folksy Shop

Available from Helen's Etsy Shop

Available from Helen's Website

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