Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Miles of Glossing

This weekend we will be the first anniversary of being in our little ol' house.  I can't quite believe a whole year has passed yet it also feels like we have always lived here.  We moved to our lovely village last September and were soon welcomed in to village life by some fab people who quickly became friends.  Whilst moving somewhere new, even if it's only four miles down the road, can seem quite dautning, we soon settled in to a slower and much friendlier way of life.  Our three daughters are now all at the village school at the end of our road and quickly made friends when we first moved, which was a huge relief. 

Oh how I wish my house really did look like this!!

The biggest difference living in a village has made for our children is that they have more freedom.  When we lived in a town we couldn't let Lucy, who was nine when we moved, go and call for friends as they were often the other side of town, but here we can let her call for her friends or go and meet them on the village green to paddle in the stream.  Our sons gladly pop to the village shop for a loaf of bread or milk or go off for a run or a cycle without me worrying about busy roads. 

One day!

I've spent some of this week having a big clean and tidy up after the summer hols and realised how much we still have to do!  There is literally miles of glossing left to do, nevermind venturing outside in to the gardens.  We have already cleared several trees and bushes, it seems the previous owner was good at planting giant shrubs with random abandonment!! I want to clear the front garden and cover most of it with shingle to create a bigger driveway, but with pretty borders or pots filled with lavender and an old weather worn rowing  boat propped up somewhere.  The back garden still has trees to come down and the lawn needs some serious feeding.  Our veg patch did well this year but needs constant weeding and will need to be extended ready for next year.

Well you can never have to many cushions!!

So many jobs to think about but for now I am going to turn my attention to our lounge.  The cushions are looking tired and I still haven't got around to making new curtains.  So I had a rummage in my fabric stash and have three fabrics that work well together and will make fab new cushions, which is great as there's not alot of money to splurge on new soft furnishings. I'm hoping there's enough fabric to also make a couple of matching lightly quilted throws for the chilly winter evenings.  I'll be sure to share pics when I've made them.

I wonder if the house will ever be finished as there is always something to do or needs to be updated or redecorated but I love the challenge of making our house a home however restrictive the budget!

Take care

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