Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Women Doing Their Own Thing

A while ago I was a subscriber to Eve, a fantastic womens glossy published by the BBC.  Sadly three years after selling to Haymarket Publishing we saw the disappearance of my my much loved Eve.  Every month it arrived I would always turn to the 'Women Doing Their Own Thing' articles first as these were always inspiring.  These articles always offered a glimmer of hope in my days filled with nappies and toddlers that there were women starting their own businesses and more importantly being sucessful too.  I still love reading about small businesses and now get my monthly fix in Country Homes & Interiors with their monthly articles, 'Work to Live, Live to Work'.

image source - The Guardian

Yet I still miss the 'Women Doing Their Own Thing' articles and have several squirreled away in a folder.  I know I am not the only one who misses these articles from several chats on Twitter.  So I thought why not make Wednesdays 'Women Doing Their Own Thing' day here on my blog.  I have spent some time thinking about this and want to feature women in creative industries aswell as retail, tourism and probably many more besides.  I want women who run B&B's by the sea, cafes on the coast, galleries, restaurants, gift or interiors shops.  I want women who have their own boutique hotels, holiday companies, whether these are cottages, campsites, walking tours or craft breaks.  I want women who are designing and making and earning a living doing this, you could be sewing, baking, growing or painting.  The list is endless and I hope some of you will be willing to share your stories.  Even if you run the business with somebody else, male or female, I still want to hear from you.  Oh and this is not just for mumprenuers, it's for every woman, with or without children

I am busy putting together questions for this, using the old Eve articles as a guide and hope to start this new feature next week.  So if you would like to be involved in 'Women Doing Their Own Thing' please send me an email zoeanddrew {at} btinternet {dot} com (I know you all know to replace the words in brackets with the symbol!).

I look forward to hearing from you and reading about your business.

Take care


MrsMiddleham said...

Great idea. I love to read this sort of article too!

Bonnie Blackbird said...

REALLY looking fwd to these, I love hearing how others began. See Etsy 'Quit my dayjob' features too - very good for this kind of thing! said...

Well Zoe you've hardly let the dust settle :-) Great idea about Women Doing Their Own Thing (looking forward to reading it) and will go over & have a look at the new children's blog you're involved with. You'll be so busy you won't realise how quiet the house is!

En4tainment said...

l reading thing like that, what a great thing to do. x

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