Monday, 5 September 2011

New School Year & New Beginnings

Today is the last day of the school hols and I am feeling a little nervous and very excited.  I'm nervous as Kitty, my youngest child, will head to school tomorrow for her first day.  But I am also excited for her, she will start an amazing learning journey and is already trying to read, as a book worm myself I look forward to helping her learn this invaluable life skill. 

I am also very excited at the prospect of finally having the time to try out new ideas.  Whilst I could mourn the time I will no longer have being a mummy to a preschooler I am looking forward to new adventures and new beginnings.  I plan to fill my Etsy shop with fabulous partyware and home accessories. I have fantastic ideas for this blog. I want to build a website using Create for Zoe & Drew and have big ideas for this too.  I've also brought the URL for another blog that has been at the back of my mind for a while, but will be staying there a while yet!  So I won't be bored and sat stuck watching daytime tv as so many people envisage the life of a work at home mum.  I'm making plans, big plans and reading The Flourish Studios blog, Full Bloom, I know that big plans don't need to be scary, they are important in my planning. 

I will also have time, I hope to start running again.  My running ahs been a little ad hoc over the past thirteen years so I plan to get back to super fitness and enjoying that time to run and clear my head and focus.  I've also been thinking about little treats, perhaps popping to the cinema in the middle of the day, going out for lunch with friends or Drew and not having a little person pinching food off my plate!

My First Post for Les Enfants

Also today I am thrilled to share another new beginning.  I am now the Blog Editor for Les Enfants.  I was thrilled when Katie approached me when she heard I was stopping Inspired Celebration and I think together we can create the best chidlrens party blog here in ol'blighty.  There is a huge gap in the UK for a good childrens party blog and with both our expertise in this field we are going to create something fantastic.  So please join me over at Les Enfants blog three time a week for inspiration in planning chidlrens parties, from decorations to recipes, games to party clothes and much, much more.

Whislt I am expecting tears in the morning, from Kitty and myself, I also know that this is just another step, a huge one, but it's going to be a good one.  I know lots of my Twitter and blogging friends have chidlren starting school for the first time this week and I hope they all have a wonderful time and am sending you all a big hug and a pack of tissues to see you through that first day.

Take care


flourishstudios said...

All the best with the next chapter in your life Zoe. I am very jealous of your newfound time and really looking forward to reading about what happens next. Lots of luck xxx

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