Friday, 20 January 2012

Family Holidays - Country House Hideouts

Morning and thank goodness it's Friday! It's been a busy week with exciting projects in the pipeline and I'm still giddy from my trip to London and Top Drawer, so many ideas & so much inspiration!  Today I am going to continue my family holiday series with Country House Hideouts.  I discovered this little treasure last year but I can't remember where.  There has been a surge in holidays allowing us to get back to basics and be part of nature and I think Country House Hideouts has done this perfectly and at an affordable price too. It's not often you can have a weeks holiday for upto 8 people in August for less than £1200!

So what makes Country House Hideouts different to other camping style holidays?  Firstly you get your own encampment complete with a main tent, which sleeps up to 6 people, a hot tub, a shower tent, a cooking cart and a discovery tent, which sleeps two more people.  Ok so that all seems quite standard but the Discovery Tent is kitted out with a microscope and specimen slides, telescope to look at the stars, binoculars for nature watching, field telephones for tent to tent communications, artist paper, paints and an easel and a library with books for flora and fauna.  How perfect for letting your children explore and learn about their surroundings.  I know my children would absolutely love this, even Connor and Jack, infact especially Connor and Jack.  Although they are older they still love being outside, exploring just as if they were little again and a telescope, a microscope and books to explain their finds would add to the fun, every boy loves a bit of kit! 

Another thing that makes a holiday at Country House Hideouts different is that it is eco-friendly with a dynamo bike powering the battery that will then power the lighting in the tent when it gets dark.  Here you can be green and stay fit as I imagine it takes a fair amount of pedal power to keep the lights on all evening!  Wood fuels your stove and water heating ensuring that your holiday energy is carbon neutral. 

Set in the grounds of four country estates dotted around the country there is plenty to explore and if you prefer your pedal power to be used to explore rather than making the lights work you can hire bikes for a reasonable charge for the whole family. 

To order a brochure, check availabilty or to book your holiday with Country House Hideouts visit their website or telephone 01420 549150.

Hope you all have a fab weekend and I'm hoping that the rain makes way for some sunshine.

PS This is NOT a sponsored post, just another great idea for a family holiday.

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