Saturday, 21 January 2012

Review - Carddies

Morning! I hope you got a bit of a lie in this morning or are you up early colouring and building lego before breakfast?  This week there has been lots of colouring being done in our house as Lucy, Amber nad Kitty have been very lucky to review the fantastic new creative toy, Carddies.  I was lucky enough to meet Esther and Raquel on Monday at Top Drawer having read a press release for Carddies a couple of days before.  Esther and Raquel are the designers behind this great new idea and with seven children between them understand what children want and love to do.  After a wet summer holiday of drawing people on the back of cereal packs to keep their chidlren amused the idea for Carddies began.  Before long the two sisters had created several hand drawn sets which they soon turned into Carddies

In a world where children are swamped with hi-tech gadgets and toys Carddies offer them hours of fun through imaginative play and the toys can easily be packed away and taken to grans or out to a restaurant.  Carddies are made from high quality card here in the UK and have eight different sets available. Although Lucy, Amber and Kitty have already made a list of other ideas for future Carddies!  So it all sounds fabulous but the true test comes with the appeal to children.  My daughters love making, colouring and creating, having spent hours recently making houses and clothes for peg dolls, which I promise to share here very soon. Honestly my daughters could give Kevin McCloud a run for his money with their house design skills!

I will now share what my three daughters thought of Carddies.

"I liked colouring them in the best.  I want a vet set and the ballerinas next please. I really like playing with the fairies now I've finished colouring them in."    
Kitty, aged 5, tested the Faries set

"I liked colouring in the background the best and love the little babies in my set!  I would really like more backgrounds for the house and family set, or maybe a nursery school or a farm.  I would also really like a duckpond and forses with jumps!"
Amber, aged 9, tested the Family set.

"I think they are fun and a great idea. I would definately like more sets, especially a space set with a rocket and aliens and a backdrop of the moon.  Or maybe a beach holiday, a circus or a snowy day.  Overall I love Carddies and recommend them to anyone who likes colouring!"
Lucy, aged 10, tested the School set

So as you can see Carddies are a great new toy that are perfect for children aged four to ten years and can be taken anywhere, even on a plane. 

To see the full range of Carddies sets visit their website

Enjoy your weekend!


Emily said...

These look such fun and I know my daughter would love them.
I might get a box for the half-term holiday!
Thank you for sharing x

Viv {Poppy Sparkles} said...

What a great idea! I have a special pack in my bag for outings with crayons, paper, mini reading book + granny has a few things in her bag too for entertaining the kids. These look fab :)

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