Thursday, 26 January 2012

Family Trees

Morning! Hope you're all well.  Today I wanted to share with you some beautiful ways of capturing your family tree. I still have a large scroll of paper I drew my family tree onto when I was about ten years old!

This is a beautiful papercut family tree, perfect if you just wanted your names and your childrens names.

I love this idea of adding photos of family members to make your own family tree.

I love this print, room for all of my childrens names!

Not sure you could squeeze in all the great aunts & uncles but I do like this print.

This is a fun print & I love the motto of Growing Together.

This is just a small selection of great ways to share your family trees but I'm sure you'll agree it is a great project for a winter afternoon, but be carfeul you don't miss anyone off your tree!

Have a wonderful day,


Sandra Downie said...

What great and creative ideas! said...

Great post Zoe, I love the Ditzy Chick one.

Julie Riisnaes said...

These are lovely!

Zoe Grant said...

There are some really lovely ways of displaying our famliy trees, so glad you all liked the tiny selection I found ;)

ursula (room to bloom) said...

The Famille Summerbelle is an absolute favourite of mine. You can have so much fun as well creating your own wall tree and attaching photos of family members to them as time goes on.

Ditsy chick said...

Hi, its lovely to see you featuring our Ditsy Chick family tree, thankyou! We're so excited to see people enjoying our work! do come and visit us at to see lots more ideas for weddings, new babies and any occasion you can think of!!

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