Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Junior Grew Up

Morning! I know I should probably write about my lovely trip to Bubble yesterday but something else got my attention so I wanted to see what you all thought too.  Whilst travelling on the train yesterday I caught up with reading last months Junior when I realised that there was not a glossy magazine for parents of teenagers, or children beyond the age of 8 or 9! I love Junior and have read it since Connor was born in 1998 but yesterday I realised that most of my children were beyond the age Junior is aimed for.  There is a gaping hole at the newstands for a magazine for parents of children beyond the age of 8!

Whilst at Bubble I realised that alot of childrenswear brands are for smaller children and even display samples in the tiniest sizes to make them even cuter.  Although I know there are some brands that offer chidlrens clothes for ages 11 or 12 years.  Later on whilst killing time between train and bus journeys I wandered around GAP who offer childrens clothes up to age 13, which comfortably fits Connor and Jack.  Debenhams also offer clothes in the 'designers' collections in ages 15 and 16.  But where else can teenagers shop without succumbing to adult ranges which also bear 20% vat in their price tags.  Well it is generally the parents footing the bill, so paying vat on clothes for children is a bugbear.

Yesterday evening I pondered a little more and realised that there are some beautiful and fun interiors collections for children but what happens when these children grow into teenagers?  I know teenagers are renowned for their messy bedrooms, interesting fashion adventures and grumpy moods but surely they and their parents deserve a magazine that offers fashion, interiors, parenting advice and even product, game and book reviews aimed at this age range.  I think it is about time Junior grew up!

Jack Wills clothes are popular with Connor and Jacks friends

I know I can't just start a glossy magazine as fantastic as Junior but I can share ideas and brands that offer ideas for teenagers.  Over the coming weeks I will try and do this and I may even share some parenting ideas for dealing with teenage angst or just trying to choose GCSE options! So move over Junior, here comes 'Junior Grew Up'!

I would really love to know what you think, is there a gap for a glossy magazine aimed at parents who have outgrown Junior?  What would you want from such a magazine?  Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments or send me an email, I'm really interested in what you all think about this.  I would also love to be proven wrong and that there is actually a magazine for parents of chidlren over the age of 8!

Have a fab day


Easton Place Designs said...

Zoe, this is brilliant!! I have a "tween" and a young "teen" boys and it is really hard to find anything written for the age. I do go online to scout for room ideas, clothes, misc. articles etc, but there's nothing in print and I've never come across an online publication devoted to the age. Just an article here or there... I think you've found an untapped market! Sign me up, please. lol

Joanne McGowan said...

It is almost like they go to secondary school and instantly become adults which is so not the case. I think a magazine aimed at this age group would be a great help and create more understanding.

Zoe Grant said...

Thank you for your feedback ladies. I agree Joanne that it is as if they head off to High School and suddenly are expected to be grown up!

I find it interesting Patti that there is nothing in the US either. I really think there is a huge gap for such a magazine, whether in print or online. Somewhere to coelct all the fab things about being 10-18!


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