Thursday, 12 August 2010

Advertising Options

As there is a whisper of Christmas in the crafting air I thought I would launch some advertising options on Buttons and Bows, to hopefully help boost your traffic and sales in the Christmas period.

Side Bar Button Option
£10 for 3 months if booked before 5/9/10

I will place your Ad Badge in the right hand sidebar for the duration of your booking.

I will write an editorial about your business, which will be posted within the first month of your booking if you book more than one month or will be posted within the first two weeks of your booking if you book one month of ad space.

Ad Badges must be 120px wide. However I am able to adjust the width of your ad if it is not the required size.

One Month = £5

(Must be booked by 5/9/10 to receive this offer)

Sponsored Giveaway

Another great way to advertise your business is to have giveaway!

A Sponsored Giveaway is when you offer a prize, via my blog and I write a post about your business and about the giveaway prize.

At the end of the giveaway I will randomly choose a winner from people who have commented on the post and will advise you where to send the prize.

I already promote my blog via Twitter, Facebook, various Ning networks, Folksy forums and have links via my writers page on Try Handmade. I will continue with this promotion and assure you that it definately brings alot of traffic.

In the past month I have had just over 900 unique international visits to my blog and over 2000 page views.

If you are interested in any of the advertising options on Buttons & Bows please email me

Also please contact me with any questions regarding advertising at the same email address

NB: If you have already paid for advertising space and win the months free advertising in my followers advertising giveaway each month, I will add an extra months free advertising to the end of your booked slot, will move your ad for that month into the Giveaway Winners section of the sidebar and write another feature about you, to ensure you do not miss out on  the giveaway prize.

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